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Range Microwave Repair

Appliance Repair Master technicians are the best when it comes to range microwave repair services. Microwaves are highly dangerous appliances that you should never try to fix anything yourself. Should any problem arise with your range microwave, call an expert at Appliance Repair Master for assistance. Microwaves are designed to emit radio waves which can be very harmful to human beings when they get into contact with the body. That’s why it is recommended that microwave repairs should only be handled by skilled and experienced technicians.

At Appliance Repair Master, we have years of experience repairing different brands and makes of microwaves. Whenever your microwave starts to act up, you can trust us to provide an efficient and reliable repair service. We greatly discourage trying to disassemble your microwave on your own at home. These appliances can cause deadly electric shocks and hence should be handled with care.

Common microwave issues that need repairs

Is your microwave emitting noise without heating the item you placed inside it? Is your microwave not responding when you click on the buttons on the display area? Sometimes the microwave heat can fail to switch on completely. You may notice the microwave door is uneven or even broken. Other common problems with microwaves include no lighting, no heat and a flickered display. Whatever issues you are experiencing with your range microwave, Appliance Repair Master technicians will be ready to help.

We are dependable range microwave repair experts

At Appliance Repair Master, we take pride in offering microwave repairs within the shortest time possible. We do this by arriving on site within no time and carrying genuine replacement parts just in case they will be required during the visit. Our van comes fully packed with all that may be needed to get your range microwave up and running. No matter what the issue is, our skilled and experienced microwave repair technicians are able to handle it.

Taking care of your range microwave

The way you use and maintain your range microwave has a huge effect on how long it is going to last. You can change a few habits to make your microwave last longer and prevent it from breaking down.

Clean your range microwave regularly: This will prevent the burn spots and food spatters from damaging certain components of your microwave. You can easily clean the microwave using soap and a bit of water.

Use the right materials/dishware: Make sure that any materials you use inside your microwave are safe. Do not put metal, aluminum foil or silver/gold accents in a microwave as they can cause explosions and even damage the appliance.

Handle the microwave door with care: Avoid slamming the microwave door or pulling it off without turning the appliance off.

Don’t run the microwave when empty: Running the appliance without anything inside it can cause it to break down. Microwaves produce energy that must be absorbed and the items within the microwave aren’t designed to absorb that much energy.

Most importantly, you need to know when to call for help.

Whirlpool range microwave repairs

Whirlpool Range Microwave Repair Services in Toronto

Whirlpool range microwaves are designed with cutting edge technology to provide peak performance and energy efficiency. When you invest in a Whirlpool range microwave, you get lots of options to choose from that fit different budgets and needs. Even though the appliance manufacturer has invested in the best products, your microwave can still experience issues due to years of use. If this happens, call Appliance Repair Master technicians for help.

Samsung range microwave repairs

Samsung Range Microwave Repair Services in Toronto

Samsung is a widely-known manufacturer of electronics and appliances that use modern technology and innovation to give consumers the best experience. Their microwaves come with elegant displays and can be built in the cabinetry or standalone units. Whatever Samsung range microwave you choose, Appliance Repair Master technicians can ensure it’s working as good as new. We offer servicing and repairs for all Samsung appliances.

LG range microwave repairs

LG Range Microwave Repair Services in Toronto

If you need to invest in an affordable and durable range microwave, then LG is one of the top brands to consider. Commonly known for its range of refrigerators and washers, LG also designs some sought after microwaves. If you ever experience trouble with your LG microwave, call us today for quick and reliable repairs.

Bosch range microwave repairs

Bosch Range Microwave Repair Services in Toronto

Bosch is one of the most respected appliance manufacturers with top of the line microwaves to choose from. Consumers find Bosch range microwaves an excellent choice because they offer durability, unique design and top performance. If your Bosch range microwave breaks down, call Appliance Repair Master technicians to provide a quick fix.

GE range microwave repairs

GE Range Microwave Repair Services in Toronto

General Electric’s range microwaves come in different models allowing consumers to take advantage of their unique design, reliable and energy efficient systems. Their microwaves have easy to use features and are readily available in the market. If your GE range microwave ever breaks down, you know whom to call.

KitchenAid range microwave repairs

KitchenAid Range Microwave Repair Services in Toronto

KitchenAid range microwaves are designed with usability in mind. Their microwaves have EnergyStar ratings making sure consumers are able to use them on a daily basis without hiking their utility bills. If you are experiencing trouble trying to run your KitchenAid microwave, call Appliance Repair Master technicians for assistance.

Frigidaire range microwave repairs

Frigidaire Range Microwave Repair Services in Toronto

Frigidaire was once known as the best supplier of modern refrigerators in the market. Today, Frigidaire produces highly efficient range microwaves that are a popular choice for consumers. Should your Frigidaire range microwave break down, call Appliance Repair Master technicians to offer you a timely and reliable service.

Amana range microwave repairs

Amana Range Microwave Repair Services in Toronto

At Appliance Repair Master, we have fixed Amana range microwaves for numerous clients. We know just how Amana appliances function and would be happy to help. Microwaves are complex electrical systems that operate using high amounts of power. Do not try to repair the microwave parts on your own. You may put your life at risk and also damage the appliance further. Should you need range microwave repair Toronto, you know whom to call.


Our company serves the Toronto and surrounding community. Personal service that meets the customer’s needs is at the core of our values. We offer same day repairs all 24 hours, 7 days a week in Toronto and GTA in order to ensure that you have the best experience possible. Call us today at 416-251-1500 to request a specialist sent to you within a day. Alternatively, fill out a request form available on our website and our customer service representative will be in touch with you promptly.


  • When our refrigerator stopped working we called several companies who were not able to come right away. Appliance Repair Master came just a few hours after we placed the call. They arrived promptly and diagnosed the problem and explained it to me. I authorized the work and within an hour they had fixed our fridge and it was running like new. Fast and reliable service. I will recommend them for sure.
  • Our Refrigerator stopped working the day before a dinner party we had planned. We found Appliance repair master on line and called them right away. We booked an appointment for later that same day and the technician came right on time. He was very professional and polite. He diagnosed the problem quickly and fixed it in no time at all. Our dinner party was saved and so was all our food. I will certainly recommend Appliance Repair Master to all my family and friends. Thank you Appliance Repair Master.
  • When our stove stopped working we called Appliance Repair Master . They arrived promptly for the service call . They were able to quickly and efficiently get our stove working and operating like new. I would definitely recommend Appliance Repair Master.
  • We called Appliance Repair Master when our washing machine stopped spinning . They really knew their stuff. They took the time to explain the problem to me . They had the needed parts in their truck and the washer was fixed within only a few short hours. It was not very expensive , quite reasonable in fact. Fast and efficient service . I highly recommend them.



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