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Our company is constantly expanding our team of experts. We aim to provide rewarding employment opportunities to hardworking,dedicated professionals. We are currently looking for full time or part time licensed technicians with considerable knowledge in repairing household appliances. The suitable candidate should be driven and enthusiastic about the job and working with people on a daily basis. The technician should have great customer service skills and willingness to answer all customer questions and concerns. Requirements include being able to interpret mechanical information and a solid understanding of various appliance brands and parts. We are looking for someone with an exceptional problem solving capacity and ability to resolve difficult repair malfunctions. The candidates are expected to be in sound physical health, due to frequently demanding physical strength requirements (lifting heavy objects etc.)


  • As a company dedicated to expanding our professionals' expertise, we offer a variety of free training to upgrade and advance your certifications.
  • We offer a benefits package and yearly bonuses.
  • The company provides a transport vehicle as well as all
    the compulsory instruments for full-service repairs.
  • We welcome the opportunity to bring in your own
    clients as well as built a network of new clients with us.